About me

Thomas Kenrick - Sculptor

I am a 29 year old stone sculptor/carver with a passion for stone sculpture. I specialise in the design, creation and installation of stone sculpture for site specific projects in the public and private realm. I have five years of related higher education experience including a BA (hons) fine art degree in sculpture, and have worked on many major sculpture projects for other artists as well as my own installations.

My own work is inspired by Nature, by the juxtaposition of organic forms which evoke both fossils and contemporary animal and plant life. I am interested in the tradition of organic carving started by Peter Randall-Page, by pollen, fruit and seeds. I have worked at both Westminster Abbey and Lincoln Cathedral and have great respect for the work of medieval carvers. My well-equipped and versatile studio is an ideal base for large creative stone works.

I can work with the commissioning bodies, committees or steering groups to develop suitable designs for specific sites. Alternatively the design of the sculpture can be influenced by researching the history and context of the area in which it is proposed to install it.